The night I met Lisa Ann.

It was September 25, 2011 and I stumbled into Goldbar in NYC. I had my camera with me from an earlier gig, but like most nights, I would end up at Goldbar for a few more shots of tequila and to hopefully find some poor girl that would wanna suck my dick. I threw my camera bag down in the DJ booth and noticed Lisa Ann had been dancing right in front of me the whole time… I tapped her on the shoulder and said “I’d really love to snap a pic of you.” She looked me up and down and said “If you can find me some weed.” It’s Goldbar. A joint is always arms distance away at any given moment. I find her a joint, hand it to her, she takes one puff and pulls her shirt down. It’s as if she knew what I wanted and I knew that she knew that… obviously… her entire life is dealing with creeps.