Declaration of Independence

Dear assholes,

Much like our founding fathers who freed themselves of their oppressors to launch a nation founded on freedom… unless your skin was black or you had a vagina… yeah… so… clearly we’ve been dealing with hypocrites since the very beginning… But today is a joyous occasion…  one that marks a new chapter in the life of whatever the fuck you wanna call this.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new and improved A completely free and uncensored slice of heaven on the internet… where people who make 9/11 jokes and people who get easily offended can live in harmony… knowing that neither can do a fucking thing about the content on this site. This is me taking my freedom back. As retarded as that sounds, getting booted from Instagram made me look at my voice on various social media platforms and realize that I needed to take control… it forced my hand to resurrect this site… where I make the rules without fear of uppity turds reporting every little thing that makes them face the realities of the real world… yes… tasteless jokes and memes…

This website is more important to me than it ever was. It is a safe space from safe spaces. Consider this my new home for all things that you’ve come to love or hate about me… party photos, party videos, dumb jokes, rants and everything in between. I know it’s hard getting people to visit a website with the convenience of social media at their fingertips, but I hope you can make a place you swing through once in a while to see what the fuck we’re up to.

Love always,