ARCHIVES: How champagne facials started.

There is a rare phenomenon in NYC known as a the party brunch. It has been attempted all over the world and most often… fails. For some reason it seems to only really work in NYC. Don’t ask me why, but I’m glad it does. It was around 2010 when I began documenting these party brunches… just imagine a restaurant that serves brunch, there’s a DJ playing some Euro trash music that’s surprisingly catchy so it’s not as bad as it sounds… alcohol helps, too. Then at the drop of a hat, the lights go off, the music gets loud, cryo is being sprayed around the room, champagne is being brought by the case and all of a sudden everyone in the room is dancing, drinking and scarfing down eggs benedict… and it’s 4PM on a Saturday. Well, it was at this time I needed to find a more unique way to document these brunches and that’s where I discovered how beautiful (and sexual) champagne looked when poured into a girl’s mouth… letting it cascade and bubble out… and on occasion missing her mouth completely… it led to some of my favorite photographs and basically made a name for me as the champagne facial guy.